Someone should write a letter to the editor supporting Billy Miller and the victims of Alzheimer’s

            Our rating system pushes victims of Alzheimer’s out.

            When the ACBL talks about declining table counts, they ignore the elephant in the room.

            We have a rating system that is universally accepted as being invalid.

            If we want seasoned veterans to return, fix it.

            The ACBL received my attempt to fix it on Aug 7, 2018.

            They did not say what they thought about it, and they did not print my letter to the editor.

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            I encourage all supporters and opponents of Power Ratings to write to me.  If you would like your email included on my website, just say so.  Include your name and home town.


          Shawn Drenning           Phil Goulding       David Parsons




            Speaking for the silent majority Chris Champion