I recently moved from NYC to Austin and have found the site very useful to gauge the ballpark compatibility of various potential partners.  One of the most frustrating things about being a younger player without a lot of master points is that the ACBL uses master points for all bracketing.  So typically when I go to a regional and enter a bracketed Swiss we end up in a low bracket and win by a lot, which isn't really fun for anyone (recently one older lady told our team after we had one a low bracket Swiss only half-jokingly, "congratulations, don't come back tomorrow").  For that reason, I would love to see some sort of rating system catch on (even if they just decayed masterpoints for bracketing . . .)


          One bad thing about ratings I think is that if it ever discourages people from playing bridge either when they are not 100% or with a new partner etc. where they think they might underperform (I think OkBridge had this problem).  One potential idea for the future I think is to somehow separate club bridge out from tournament bridge with the idea that club bridge is more like an "exhibition" game and tournament bridge is more serious.



Shawn Drenning

Austin, Texas


Here is the game Shawn is referring to:


Fort Worth Regional        Saturday Swiss Bracket 5        03/24/18

    VP's   MP's  MP PR   AvgPR

  1   86   8.16   5  2   58.32  Gary ANDERSON, Gerald BARRETT, Shawn DRENNING, Jarek LANGER

  2   65   6.12   5  5   51.99  Janet JORDAN, Jane LARIMORE, Jacqueline MONTGOMERY, Laura NASH 

  3   63   4.59   5  5   53.15  Marjorie DEUTSCH, Letty GAREK, William PEIFFER, Mary TRENTHAM

  4   62   0.96   5  5   52.34  Barbara CLEMENTS, Richard CLEMENTS, Kenneth MACMORRAN, Sharon MACMORRAN     

  5   54   0.36   5  7   50.44  J FLETCHER, Clint SCHUHMACHER, Jo SHAH, Sam SHAH 

  5   54   0.48   5  9   48.12  Connie BOOTH, Helen NELSON, Mary STANTON, Anne WILLIAMS    

  7   36   0.24   5  5   53.31  Donna GIBBS, Jo HAMMETT, Lin JONES, Joyce STONE  


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