Hi, Chris,

Please add this email to those on your website, which support the Power Ratings you publish. 

As a master player of many games, I've always followed statistically based rating systems to objectively determine the relative strength of players.  I've used statistical rating systems to judge my progress in mastering other games and, before Power Ratings, I was frustrated with the lack of usefulness of the Bridge masterpoints system towards this purpose for the game of Bridge.

The Power ratings system you maintain is quite close to the ELO system in Chess and other games, with which I am familiar.  As an actuary with an education in probability and statistics it's quite clear to me that Power Ratings, as you calculate them, have a sound statistical foundation.  That Power ratings are more accurate than masterpoints in assessing strength and in predicting the outcome of a tournament should not be an issue -- to me it is a fact.  

Masterpoints may have a place in giving awards to players based upon their activity or their ability to find (or hire) good playing partners.  But when it comes to determining the strength of a player or partnership, there is no good alternative to Power Ratings.

Keep up the good work and let me know how I can help support the Power Rating system.




David Parsons

New York, NY