The average player with 300 Masterpoints has a Power Rating of about 48, Master Point to Power Rating conversion chart.  I am suggesting that when a player’s PR exceeds that, it is time to move up to a higher level.  When Billy Miller wrote his letter to the editor, Mary’s PR was less than that.


          More than one member has said that Mary could play in the 299’ers but she would not be eligible (NE) for Masterpoints.  That is not entirely true.  Any player in good standing and less than 300 Masterpoints can go to the club with the expectation of playing in the 299’ers.  The director can say no to any player in good standing with more than 300 Masterpoints.  Not wanting to win Masterpoints is irrelevant.


          Players with less than 300 Masterpoints, and PR’s higher than the average player with 300 Masterpoints, are winning more than their fair share of points, while the true 299’ers are winning less than their fair share.  Players like Mary would pose a far less threat to the true 299’ers, but the ACBL could still say that a player with more than 300 Masterpoints can not win Masterpoints in the 299’ers.