††††††††† PR is based on game percentages.My game %ís, even with the same partner, are all over the place.Does that mean that my skill level varies widely from day to day?No.


††††††††† I admit that Power Ratings has a margin of error.A playerís rank may or may not be exact, but it is close.Usually within a few hundred places of the actual rank.Out of 167,000 players, that is close.So, Power Ratings will never find the top player, or the 10th player, or the 5,000th player.Power Ratings has only one purpose, to bracket/strat/flight all ACBL events.


††††††††† Since its ranks are close, Power Ratings will always get a pair or team into the correct bracket/strat/flight.In the very few cases of overlap, a team that is at the top of a bracket gets pushed into the bottom of the next higher bracket, the difference in skill levels are so small you will not notice as opposed to the situation today.We have all seen teams that are much too strong for the bracket they are in, or too weak.


††††††††† Since Power Ratings has only one purpose, there is no need to look at or even think about Power Ratings.Nobody needs to know their rating.Enter your ACBL number into the bridgemate, or if you do not know your number, all or part of your name.If you know about how many masterpoints you have, you should be able to find yourself.


Try this exec


††††††††† However, we cannot trust a system we can not see, so I will never hide Power Ratings.If you see a problem, sometimes games get assigned to the wrong player or scores get adjusted or a rating might seem way off, let me know.Other than that, there is no need to talk about ratings.We just want to play bridge in a competitive environment.