Unit 123 Chicago Clubs and Sectionals

Clubs that did not report games last month

MA5Arlington Hights Sectional MACAce of Clubs MAJThe Ace of Clubs Jeremiah/Tues
MALAdmiral at the Lake Bridge Clu MBTAll Bridge Saints MC4Chicago Sectional
MC5Crystal Lake Sectional MCLCBG Thursday MCO???
MCTChicago Cultural Center Monday MCYCountry Club Bridge League MD5Darien Sectional
ME4Elmhurst Sectional MEWNew Eazy Bridge/Wednesday MFXFox Bridge
MG6Glenview Sectional MGEGlen Oak Country Club MH5Highland Park Sectional
MHDHinsdale DBC MJTTom's Game ML5Lombard Sectional
MLSLawson Bridge Studio MMAMundelein Area DBC MNENew Easy Bridge
MNF??? MNSNorthshore DBC MNVNaperville DBC
MNWNorthwestern DBC MOPOak Park Country Club MOYOlympia DBC
MP4Palantine Sectional MQNQueen of Clubs MR6Rolling Meadows Sectional
MS4Skokie Sectional MSBSouth Suburban Bridge Center MTCThe Claire
MUDReluctant Redoubler DBC MW5Wheeling Sectional MWSWest Suburban DBC
MWVWheaton Thursday DBC MYVYorkville DBC