Unit 208 Central Illinois Clubs and Sectionals

HALAbe Lincoln Dupl Club HB5Bloomington Sectional HBNBloomington/ Normal DBC
HC5Carlinville Sectional HC7Chatam Sectional HC8Carlinville Sectional
HCDCommodore Bridge Club HCPChampaign DBC HCTCharleston DBC
HD4Downs Sectional HE7East Peoria Sectional HG5Galesburg Sectional
HGBGailsburg DBC HJ4Jerome Sectional HMBNot Active
HMENot Active HMFMike's Bridge Club HMMMonday Morning DBC
HN4Normal Sectional HO4Okawville Sectional HP5Peoria Sectional
HPOPeoria DBC HPPPeoria and Pekin Bridge Club HR5Riverton Sectional
HR6Rochester Sectional HS6Springfield Sectional HSFBridge Club of Springfield
HT4Towanda Sectional